In May of this year, after living through a couple months of uncertainty, I decided to rent a car for the month of June to travel cross-country. I've always dreamed of doing this. So many of my travel plans had been canceled so I took my compulsion to document this time in our lives on the road. I traveled from Cleveland to the southern tip of Texas, I hiked the Wave in Arizona, I saw the Pacific Ocean, traveled the coast then back through this beautiful country to Ohio putting almost 10,000 miles on the car. After returning I noticed my urge to leave again became too much, so I decided to leave for another month. I was gone again from mid-September through mid-October putting another 10,000 miles in the books. 


Watching how differently regions of the US were dealing with the pandemic was illuminating. Good or bad, we've been left to our own devices to decide on how to handle it. The good and bad are now sadly showing with numbers of infected and dead. Add an explosive election year and my goodness was the tension thick. 


The isolation of this experience felt less heavy as I took control of the situation and left to document more. This is an ongoing project, I've been documenting my experience through the pandemic since the shutdown in Ohio began back in March of 2020. Neither of these trips were easy. This was no vacation. I went through many emotions trying to comprehend this new world we're living in now and it was quite difficult to cope with at times, but I learned more about myself and gained skills I never knew possible. My goal is to come out of this with understanding and something positive. I'm trying my hardest to make lemonade out of lemons.


I have almost 80,000 images from this year including digital and film. I'm continuing to sort through these photos and they are beginning to take shape and tell a story. To gain more insight on the locations of these places along with when I was there I've provided a link to my instagram account. I'm constantly updating my images with information and anecdotes. This year has been tough on everyone, I've felt compelled from the beginning of this mess to document it. These images are a combination of both month-long solo road trips from this summer. This project will continue as long as we are in this state of turmoil. 

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